Transfer Contacts from your old phone to Android

A simple and smart solution for contact migration

Switching phones has never been easier, move all your contacts from your old phone to your new Android phone in just a few seconds.
Works with iPhone, Blackberry and most Bluetooth enabled phones.

You can easily:

  • Transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android;
  • Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android;
  • Transfer contacts from Android to Android;
  • Transfer contacts from Nokia to Android;
  • Transfer contacts from other Bluetooth enabled phones to Android.

The average cost of this operation is 1$

If your phonebook has less than 75 contacts, using Transfer Contacts is completely FREE.

Very Smart

Transfer Contacts uses Bluetooth to read your old mobile's Phonebook and check for duplicates and redundant information in your contacts.

Don't waste time

Copy your contacts in a couple of minutes.

Easy to use

You don't need any cables! Just select your old Bluetooth Phone, choose the contacts you’d like to copy, wait a few seconds and ENJOY

Other features available with Transfer Contacts app

Beautiful, modern design

Developed using Goolge's Material Design guidelines.

Delete duplicates in your phonebook

Transfer Contacts detects duplicates in your phonebook and gives you the option to delete them.

128 total